An ode to our veterans

Yesterday I started my new clinical rotation at the VA.  As I am considering a career at the VA post grad school, I am excited to see what happens.  One thing is for certain. After one session with a veteran, hearing about the details of their experiences in combat, I am certain I will never look at my day-to-day stressors the same way again.

I truly can’t fathom how our service men and women manage to do what they do, day after day, month after month and year after year, in the midst of the most hazardous conditions. All I can say is thank you – for taking the risk, for being committed and for being willing to do what many would not be able to do.  I certainly couldn’t.

But should you need someone objective to talk to, to sort things out, to help you heal, to assist you in making a transition back to civilian life, I sure hope that I or one of my mental health colleagues can be there to meet your needs.

It’s really the least that we can do, considering all that you’ve done for us.

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One Response to An ode to our veterans

  1. nrwalch says:

    Amen. There’s nothing quite so touching as seeing or hearing the stories of the men and women who defend our freedom every single day.

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