From muggle to Hufflepuff

And now for something a little different.  Over the past two years I have rediscovered my love of great fiction. I am humbled with gratitude for the tremendous amount of color and beauty these books have brought back to my life.

Throughout the next, well, who knows how long it will be, I’m going to start working my way through specific book series. While I’d love to do an in-depth chapter by chapter book analysis, I just don’t have time to commit to that right now. Instead I’ll be reflecting on my favorite characters, scenes and themes and at times, how they related to psychology and more. I’ll still be posting on other non-book topics, but I’m excited to finally get started with this.

I’ve only been thinking about it everyday, for the past two months.

First up, a little story about an 11 year old boy named Harry James Potter.

As of October of last year, I was one of the rare few who had never read the Harry Potter books.  It’s OK. Go ahead and judge me. I judge me too.

Anyways, that has been remedied. I finished the Deathly Hallows in February and am happy to say I am now a proud member of the Harry Potter fandom. I was so surprised by just how incredibly rich these books are, how packed they were with wonderfully important life themes, not just for teenagers and children but for adults of all ages.  Jo Rowling has gone to great lengths to bring a multitude of characters to life, to the point that I am fully convinced that Arthur and Molly Weasley are very real people, who are still raising their huge, red headed family, hanging out in the Burrow, somewhere in Devon, England (can I go there please?).

After I finished the books I dove in head first and immersed myself in every in-depth discussion about the books and the movies that I could find. I got caught up on Pottercast, Mugglecast and I recently discovered Alohomora!  But still, I needed more.

So I decided to do another re-read, this time with the Stephen Fry audiobook (AWESOME) and write up my favorite themes and aspects of the books as I go through them.  I’ve got about 10 themes to go through for the Philosopher’s Stone and hope to get those up sometime this weekend.

In the meantime, a summary of important HP details (also known as my faves):

My Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff (though I tried to manipulate the sorting into Slytherin, even though I’m nothing like Slytherin). Apparently, one cannot manipulate the sorting hat.

Favorite character: Draco Malfoy (see above)

Favorite teacher: Remus Lupin (anticipate lots of discussion on Lupin), runner-up Minerva McGonagall

Favorite Weasley – Ron

Most redeemed – Severus Snape (Always)

Best quidditch commentary ever – Lee Jordan

Favorite creature: Dobby, the free house elf (still crying)

Favorite book: A tie between Half-Blood Prince and Prisoner of Azkaban.

If I could borrow (steal) one Hogwarts item it would be: The Marauders map (Mischief managed)

Favorite incantation – Expecto Patronum (I really want my own patronus!)

Alright, that’s it for now. Looking forward to getting this thing started.  So excited!

“Dobby is FREEEEEE!”


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4 Responses to From muggle to Hufflepuff

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Haha! I’m a Slytherin at heart but I did try to manipulate the sorting to get into Hufflepuff. You’re right though.. sorting cannot be manipulated.

    • Tolkienfan says:

      That’s so funny! Is that a thing? Hufflepuff/Slytherin envy?

      I feel like Hufflepuffs and Slytherins both get a raw deal in the books. Hufflepuffs are considered boring and Slytherins are labeled all bad. But Slytherins seem like a fun house and Hufflepuffs love food (as do I). Therefore I’m a fan of both.

  2. isa13na says:

    Oh, Hey, I’m a Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw!
    I don’t know ho close I was to Slytherin though. :/

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